Measure Vibration

with HAVTrack

Simple and robust smart wearable for employee safety monitoring.

Smart and Safer

Monitor employee exposure to Hazardous conditions

The HAVTrack Smart wearable is designed to help employers enhance safety and compliance with real-time monitoring of employee exposure.

Online Dashboard

Automatic data uploading and remote storage. Track historic data for project and risk management.

Real-time Exposure Alerts

Continually detects tool usage and alerts the wearer of threshold exposure action and limit values.

Smart Wearable

Wrist mounted wearable measures the wearers exposure without causing interference.


Seamless Data Visualisation

Generate custom or automated exposure reports, and compare between work processes, teams and operators. 
Analyse sources of vibration with intuitive graphs and raw data download.


Real-Time Alerts & Data Collection

Users receive real-time alerts of reaching the threshold exposure action and limit values. Alerts and logs files are automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

Smart Watch

Multiple Solutions,
One Device

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Mitigation Technologies

At Mitilabs, we don't just create technology - we craft solutions that bridge innovation with real-world application, with the vision of a safer, more efficient future for every professional in the field.


Mitilabs is an innovative company founded on the belief that with suitable technologies no-one should suffer an injury or illness at work. Co-Founder, Cory Ebenestelli worked as an Electrician in mining and construction for 15 years and has experienced first hand the risks that Mitilabs endeavors to eliminate. We are committed to developing cutting-edge tools, shaped by our firsthand field experience, ensuring both safety and efficiency.

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